Office Cleaning

We are the true masters of cleaning homes for sure, but office cleaning in Angel is another task that we truly excel at. Our trained and fully licensed commercial sanitation experts are ready to provide you with a stress-free treatment of your workplace that is going to live up to all standards and cover your needs completely.

A clean office for a well running business

The importance of having your office professionally cleaned is not something that we need to stress. The office is the face of your business and if you want to have a presentable and stimulating environment for both your clients and employees you need not make compromises of any sort. And you will not have to if you sign up for Cleaners Angel’s exclusive offer. We will arrive and handle the office cleaning in Angel with all the necessary equipment, detergents and skills that are necessary to properly carry out the job. Our technicians are very discreet and hardworking, meaning that they will see all tasks are finished in a timely fashion and without any incidents or disturbances. Needless to say, we do office cleaning in Angel on a rather flexible schedule that is thoroughly considered in accordance to your company’s. We can come and do our duty after or prior to your work hours, so that no disturbances are caused to your business.

We cover all bases and more

Feel free to book your office cleaning in Angel with us now and have a team of certified and carefully vetted professionals:

  • Run a vacuum in all office spaces, hallways and common areas
  • Collect and take out any waste
  • Scrub the toilets and wash the floors
  • Clean up the kitchen and common areas

Great prices for a great service

We work on competitive prices estimated depending on the scale and duration of our weekly appointments. Rates start from £10 per cleaner per hour for 3 to 5 hours of work a week, £9 for up to 20 hours a week and £8 for more than 20 hours. If you want a precise estimate in advance, feel free to request a viewing and a quote. Once you are presented with an estimate, the price if final – there will be no hidden charges and additional taxes at any point of the delivery of the service. We believe that transparency lies in the foundations of every good business, and we consider ours to be exactly such.

Green sanitation solutions from the best firm in town

If you run an environmentally conscious company you would not have to worry, because ours is precisely such. We do office cleaning in Angel using tested methods that have proven to be a hundred percent eco-friendly. We do not waste energy, time and other resources and all products that we employ in our day to day operations are a hundred percent chemical-free. We believe in the sustainable office and will help you get one yourself.

Feel free to book our services via phone or email. Do not forget to ask any questions you might be having about our company and services. And of course, get your free quote today.