The following Terms and Conditions will provide you with all the information that you need about the manner we conduct our work. If any of the passages below are unclear to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team for further details.


All quotes are final, except for those given over the phone. Any estimates are a subject to a change should we, upon inspection, find out that the initial description differs from the real situation.


We accept both cash payments and bank transfers.

  1. Cash Payments
  • Cash payments are made upon completion of the job and your inspection of the results of the work. A completed payment means that you agree that the job is done properly, and there are no issues and damages caused by our technicians.
  • In case you cannot provide the cash payment upon completion of the job, you can make it within 3 days later. We will provide all the necessary bank information in advance.
  1. Bank transfer payments
  • Bank transfer payments are made within 24 hours prior to delivery of the service. The service can be cancelled in case no bank proof is provided the previous day.
  • Corporate clients can provide bank transfer payment within 30 days after completion of the service.
  • A 50% deposit, to be made within 24 hour prior to the service, is required for all services over £500.00

Completing the booking process of any one of our services means that the Client agrees to the price discussed in advance and our company’s Payment Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to pursue legal action, publish the name of the Client in local newspapers and other media as a Bad Debtor and report the Client to the related institutions in the UK should the Client fail to make the payment.


Cancellations on behalf of the Client are accepted within 48 hours prior to the delivery of the service. A £50 non-refundable deposit is required upon failing to give us such a notice. Terminating a regular cleaning service is accepted with a week’s notice in writing – our e-mail address can be used for the purpose.

Cancelling a regular cleaning service without a week’s advance notice means that the Client must pay a full price for a visit. The same goes for rescheduling without at least a 48h notice. Rescheduling happens over the phone and via email.

Any accidents, unexpected circumstances or hazardous conditions on the premises give us the right to cancel any scheduled service.


Electricity and running water must be provided by the Client; failure to do so will result in a £50 non refundable fee. Access to the property on the scheduled time should also be provided, as well as a suitable parking space for the company’s van near the property that is to be cleaned.


The Company, as well as every single one of our cleaners hold Public Liability Insurance. All claims should be made within 24h after delivery of the cleaning service and we reserve the right to refuse access to any confidential company documents.


All complaints and claims towards our company should be made within 24h upon delivery of the service, otherwise it will be considered that the service was executed up to the satisfaction of the Client. The Client should provide the Company access to the premises for an inspection and repeated cleaning for a claim to be considered valid and be present at all times during the repeated cleaning. The Company can request to re-enter the premises within 24h of receiving the claim.

Replacement of broken and damaged items with identical ones cannot be guaranteed. Replacements and repairs of damaged caused by us is made at the value of the items in question, only after a full payment for the service delivered in received.


The Company cannot be held liable for damage or actions conducted by third parties present at the premises with the permission of the client. Furthermore we cannot be held liable for any of the following items: cash, jewellery, art, antiques and items of sentimental value. Refunds for items of sentimental value will be made only at current cash prices.

In this respect we request that all items of irreplaceable sentimental or monetary value to be stored away from the premises while our cleaners are at work.

We are not liable for any pre-existing damage to furniture, personal items, carpets, windows and decorative pieces on the premises. We cannot guarantee that our cleaning techniques can successfully remove all those damages caused by spills, stains, burns etc.

We do not accept liability for shrinkage of carpets caused by ill-fitting.

Ingrained dirt on your appliances cannot be removed using conventional methods, hence we cannot guarantee that we can clean your appliances properly if they have not been sanitised since purchase. In this respect, freezers and fridges must be defrosted prior to the cleaning.

Successful end of tenancy cleaning cannot be guaranteed when people and furniture are still present at the premises.

We cannot be held liable for damaged caused to still-not-dried carpets due to the Client placing furniture on it.

We are not liable for signs of wear and damages that become more visible when the cleaning is completed.

Damages caused due to faulty equipment and products provided by the Client are a responsibility of the Client.

After builders cleaning cannot be delivered unless the building work has been completed in full.

Special offers

Any discounts and special offers cannot be combined with other current promotions.

Discounts and special offers are not applicable to minimal charges.

Discounts and special offers are available on certain days and time-slots and are a subject of availability.

The Client agrees to receive promotional newsletters from us upon providing us with an email address and a telephone number.